Thursday, 8 February 2007

Lengthy Blogs

asalaams and all, well i'm going to discuss the length of some people's blogs, they go on and on, and its not a negative because i find them intriguing and most invigorating for this dead, dumb brain of mine, *only for one year though*

ok see this is exactly my point, i start and now i dont want to finish eurgh!! i give up...braaaaaap!!


NM said...

20! your 20! when did you turn from 19 (which was a suprise to us all to)20?

blog woman so i know what your up2 and try and drag that sister of mine into it all

weary tribal nomad said... was my bday last week...i hate bdays....theyre the most pointless celebrations after valentines day...grrrrr

NATIVE FEMALE said... have joined the world of the! Welcome!

NM..time flies homey...time flies

Anonymous said...

I hope, it's OK

Anonymous said...

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