Saturday, 14 April 2007


asalaams all...ive not been a posting for a while,purely because one cannot be bothered , its too hard...grrr...

anyways back to the aim of the game...

rejection? now why did i pick a title like that well its too rant about being rejected and rejecting others...and no im not talking about marriage proposals....hmmmpf thats an arena of lions i havent yet joined....

well lets start off with to as far back as i can remember, which is the day before yesterday, i was on the bus minding my own business, purely because i crashed into the stairs as i was going up there, so my styling out here was avoid all eye contact. i sat down near some "Fresh" people, see im not a snob!! the proofs in the pudding baby, well there ya go!!

ok an i had my mp3 player on really loud, see i have this theory if i can block out the sound of people on the bus i can also block out their smell....

anyways so i was just listening to the garbage i have on my player, when some random dude sitting in the seat on my left started waving at me, so i pulled one headphone out of my ear, but discreetly incase he turned out to be a mad man. so i looked and his lips started moving but i couldnt hear him, so i said one moment please, and then a little freshie who was sitting directly behind me started shouting at me. hmmmpft i dont thinkso... so i gave him a cold look and then the african dude on my left started looking angry, so when i managed to pull the other headphone ear out he was like " i said assalaamualikum man, why are you ignoring me, im muslimg too", as if he thought that i thought he was worthy to be a muslim, seriously though, so i said "wa alaikumusalaam brother" and turned away, i quickly put my headphones back into my ears and carried on looking out the window, not a good thing to do at night because it just acts as a fricking mirror, and guess who i see looking at me, mr whiny - the african dude, so i just look straight, and then a few stops up, mr whiny asks me to open the window near me. because there was a dude sitting in front of me, i thought best to ask him to do it, but can you believe the gall of the guy infront, he merely cuts me a dirty dirty look and says cant you do it yourself??? ohmygosh i said flipping please?? what the hell??? so i was like im weak in a joky voice and he gives me another evil, so i stood up, opened the window, sat down and told the guy in front, "looks like im not so weak after all", what an ass.

so the bus keeps going, btw people im on the way to herbi and NMs house after finishing work, its that darn 111 service i tell you. so mr whiny says thanks and i just smile. a few stops on and mr whiny starts flapping his hands again, i swear this guy is a big baby. so i look at him, and he goes whats your name, ok just to let you people know i have a complex about giving m name to random strangers, you know, because ive spent too much time watching tv and creating crazy theories in my head.

so i say to him "i dont have a name", praying that he takes the hint and leaves me alone, but oh no, whiny just cant do this can he? no he has gone and whine??!!!

hes starts off with "but youre a nice girl? "

and im thinking in my head "well darn well not nice enough, paranoia beats niceness anyways so shoo with you"

and hes like "but if i see you tomorrow, i wont know your name.".

me (still thinking) "hopefully i will disappear off the face of the eath by tomorrow"

and then he was like "tell me your name, im muslim too".

at this point im getting peeved, hes trying to use the belief card, not cool in my book,

so i turn to him and say, "if you see me tomorrow then you say asalaamualaikum sister and leave it at that, but im not giving you my name end of."

and i just turned away, and guess what he starts shouting at me, in front of all the people on the bus??!!!! and ohmygod there are like five stops left?!! total killer i swear lol!!

but i ignored him, and when i got off the bus said my salaams and walk away?!! case no. 1 of rejection?!!

ok and second one was of some stupid little somali boys who thought they were big in their little vauxhall, im sorry but please when a sister looks angry dont mess with her, idiots, im sorry but if someones slowing their car down whilst youre walking down the street that looks a tad when they started to trying talking, i just let it rip, and no im talking about gas, i just got peeved, why cant idiots leave flipping us alone to walk down the road in peace?? in all fairness i was already angry and well people doing this just make me go CRAAAAZY?!! so after telling them to get lost in a really funny twisted somali way, although i cant remember what i said, but jst remember herbi almost crying. and then guess what idiots come back for round two telling me i have anger issues, well i told them to get back to to the mee (thats like the somali desert) and called them gahontis (refugee/freshies), its more offensive in english but just as offensive in somali and even more comical, they then did drive off.

ok and third case of rejection, we went to the baths yesterday, the swimming ones that is and guess what the woman wouldnt let us in because my friend mini's sister wasnt 16, she was like you have to be over 16 and mentioned something about paying the full price. it was at this point my eyes turned into those of a bull, "helloooo just because i said i wanted ladies only bathing, and because im an ethnic doesnt mean im a cheapo" we were rejected,

not that i was all that bothered, because last time i went swimming i had an asthama attack, and the big bootylicious arab woman nearby decided not to listen to my cries of help....and that went on for five look theres another rejection?!!

ok sorry im just angry, im in fact not angry im just crazy

darn lifes just full of rejections and im bored writing so...give up!!


NM said...

My poor love sounds like 3 horrid ordeals. Although strange things alwasy seem to happen on my bus root, something about our blessed bus.

Those somali's boys should know better, i mean what kind of self-respecting woman talk to a stranger man in his car who looks to be curb crawling! the freaks

white african said...

congrats sis this is officially your longest blog :)

you should have run up to the car and hel on to the bumper with your teeth, that would have scrared them lool.

as for the african on the bus, i get similar stuff but with arabs, usingteh belief card is so lame.

say salam laters nexttime they chat you up with the sallam uallykum line, pathetic..


loool you never fail to make me laugh out loud weary. For that i thank u.

These peeps should knw better, but you can handle uself...u from the ghetto :D Do your thing!

Anonymous said...

salaam asia,

heehehe, that bus is fishy!!

willBLOGforFOOD said...

sucks to live in the uk. i'd hate to ride the public transportation, haven't been on a bus for nearly a decade..another reason i hate the uk hard to drive around. i'll just stay my ass in minneahopeless.. "sigh"